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Lyuben Dimanov
Lyuben Dimanov Lyuben Dimanov Bulgaria, Knezha

Lyuben Dimanov was born in Bulgaria in 1933 and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. After obtaining...

Stoimen Stoilov
Stoimen Stoilov Stoimen Stoilov Bulgaria, Varna

Deep imagery and wise messages bring us this artist's paintings. They resurrect pieces of beauty and...

René Portocarrero
René Portocarrero René Portocarrero Cuba, Havana
1912 - 1985

A Cuban painter whose abstract figurative contour lines and passages of color depicted the tropical nature...

Hristo Yotov
Hristo Yotov Hristo Yotov Bulgaria, Sofia

Born in 1951 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Hristo Yotov graduated the National Art Academy in Sofia, specializing...

Lili Kyuchukova
Lili Kyuchukova Lili Kyuchukova Bulgaria, Plovdiv

Lili Kyuchukova lives and works in Plovdiv. A significant part of Lilly's life is in France as she is...

Ivan Stratiev
Ivan Stratiev Ivan Stratiev Bulgaria, Tran

For Ivan Stratiev more important is the pleasure of, as he describes it "moving in depth when you discover...

Krum Bumbarov
Krum Bumbarov Krum Bumbarov Bulgaria, Sofia

Krum Alexandrov Bumbarov is born in August 28, 1940 in Bulgaria. The artist studied at the Institute...

Iliana Dokova
Iliana Dokova Iliana Dokova Bulgaria, Pleven

The painter Iliana Dokova is a self-thought and very talented contemporary artist. She started embracing...

Nicola Manev
Nicola Manev Nicola Manev Bulgaria, Pazardzhik
1940 - 2018

The painter Nicola Manev was born in August 28, 1940 in Pazardzhik and grew up in Tchirpan, a small town...

Anton Mitov
Anton Mitov Anton Mitov Bulgaria, Stara Zagora
1862 - 1930

Anton Mitov is one of the finest Bulgarian old masters, painters, art-makers, art promoters from the...

Stoyan Tsanev
Stoyan Tsanev Stoyan Tsanev Bulgaria, Burgas
1946 - 2019

The artist Stoyan Tsanev is one of the most interesting and modern Bulgarian artists. World-famous, avant-garde,...

Suli Seferov
Suli Seferov Suli Seferov Bulgaria, Sofia

The ambitious artist has an interesting fate, an artist of world-class character, he never lives with...

Robert Baramov
Robert Baramov Robert Baramov Bulgaria, Varna

The artist Robert Baramov is born in 1966 in the city of Varna, Bulgaria. He works in the field of installation,...

Aleksander Telalim
Aleksander Telalim Aleksander Telalim Ukraine, Vladichen

The artist Alexander Telalim is a Bulgarian painter from the Ukrainian part of Bessarabia. He was born...

Strahil Naydenov
Strahil Naydenov Strahil Naydenov Bulgaria, Pleven

  Strachil Naydenov is born on September 2, 1973 in the city of Pleven, Bulgaria. Works in the...

Eleonora Ivanova
Eleonora Ivanova Eleonora Ivanova Bulgaria, Sofia

Eleonora Ivanova is a very young artist, she has been involved in fine art since her early years. The...

Dimitar Kazakov
Dimitar Kazakov Dimitar Kazakov Bulgaria, Tsarski Izvor
1933 - 1992

Dimitar Kazakov was born on 22 June 1933 in the village of Tsarski Izvor, Veliko Tarnovo. He graduated...

Desislava Mincheva
Desislava Mincheva Desislava Mincheva Bulgaria, Sofia

Born 29 april, 1956 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Dessislava Mincheva is professor in painting and fine art at...

Nikolay Aleksiev
Nikolay Aleksiev Nikolay Aleksiev Bulgaria, Sofia

Nikolay Aleksiev is an artist who gathered together the volcanic energy of the immense imagination with...

Peter Mitchev
Peter Mitchev Peter Mitchev Bulgaria, Pleven

Peter Mitchev - Pedro is a self-made and self-taught artist. He started to paint at the age of 15. Born...

Nikolay Yanakiev
Nikolay Yanakiev Nikolay Yanakiev Bulgaria, Dupnitsa

Nikolay Yanakiev is the first Contemporary Bulgarian artist to sell his painting in one of the most prestigious...

Mariano Rodriguez
Mariano Rodriguez Mariano Rodriguez Cuba, Havana
1912 - 1990

Mariano Rodríguez (1912 - 1990) was born in Havana and was interested in drawing and painting...

Milko Bozhkov
Milko Bozhkov Milko Bozhkov Bulgaria, Resen

Every painting of Milko Bozhkov is an ingenious game call, where you can join and experience exultation,...

Zhivko Mutafchiev
Zhivko Mutafchiev Zhivko Mutafchiev Bulgaria, Aitos

Zhivko Mutafchiev is a very interesting and memorable author, with his own individual and recognizable...

Zahari Kamenov
Zahari Kamenov Zahari Kamenov Bulgaria, Vidin

Zahari Kamenov was born on 30 July, 1949 in the City of Vidin and he graduated in the fine art of painting...

Evgeniya Panchova
Evgeniya Panchova Evgeniya Panchova Bulgaria, Pazardzhik

Evgenia Panchova was born in 1963 in Pazardzhik, graduated from the High School of Art in Sofia (1982)...