Equinox by Stoyan Tsanev

Artwork Description

A very bight and modern painting by Stoyan Tsanev, one of the most renown modern painters that ArtWizard has the pleasure to present. This painting is holding the unique style of Stoyan Tsanev. Freedom gives birth to the magic of his works - with signs of prophecy, symbol shapes and colour plans with which he experiments as a third dimension. There is also a game of forms, cleverly inserting collages, expressively composing (sometimes opposing) individual character groups. The figurative forms are barely hinted, but they are always subconsciously felt and harmoniously combined with a generous abstract palette. According to Stoyan Tsanev, if you try to explain a painting in words, it dies. This is probably right, but his paintings are unusual, strange, different, give rise to diverse associations, but they have no fantastic radiance. They are paradoxically terrestrial and the explanation is simple: "As strange as it sounds, my work is a consequence of too close communication with nature.", the artist says. It is the "must have" to any art collector.

Artwork details

  • Artwork year 2011
  • Artwork dimensions 40 (H) x 42 (W) cm /
    15.7 (H) x 16.5 (W) inch
  • Artwork style Abstract Art
  • Artwork technique Mixed Media
  • Additional info


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