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Oswald Oberhuber


Oswald Oberhuber is an established contemporary visual artist, who was born in 1931, Merano, Italy. Born around the same year are Hans Schwarz, Inge Morath and Kiki Kogelnik.

Oberhuber learned sculpture at the Federal Trade School in Innsbruck, sculpture. He also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna at Fritz Wotruba and the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart with Willi Baumeister. In 1972, Oberhuber represented Austria at the Venice Biennale. The following year, he became a professor at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, where he worked until his retirement in 1998. The State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart recognized Oberhuber as an honorary member in 1982, as an honorary senator in 2004.

Oswald Oberhuber was primarily inspired by the 1950s. New York City became the focus for modernism on an international scale during the Post-War period. Many artists had travelled to the city during the Second World War, fleeing in exile from Europe. This led to a substantial pooling of talent and ideas. Influential Europeans such as Piet Mondrian, Josef Albers and Hans Hofmann provided inspiration for American artists whilst in New York, and influenced cultural growth in the United States for many subsequent decades. Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Franz Kline, Barnett Newman, Clyfford Still and Adolph Gottlieb were influential artists of this period. The male dominated environment has been subsequently revised to acknowledge the contributions of female artists such as Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, and Louise Bourgeois, amongst others.

Oswald Oberhuber passed away in 17 January 2020 (aged 88) in Vienna, Austria



2012 Gold, Austrian Gallery Belvedere, Vienna, Austria

1992 Sculptures, Gallery A4, Wels; Gallery Vorsetzen, Hamburg

          Gallery Heike Curtze, Düsseldorf; Gallery Hilger, Frankfurt

1991 Gallery Krinzinger, Vienna

          Galerie Gras, Vienna

          "Objective", Gallery Menotti, Baden

          "Aquarelle", Galerie Hummel, Vienna

          "Irritations in Art", Historical Museum of the City of Vienna

          1989 Kunstmuseum Heidenheim, Germany

          1988 Kunsthalle Freiburg

          Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Museum of Modern Art, Bolzano

          Museum of Modern Art, Vienna

1987 Frankfurter Kunstverein

          Tirole Landesmuseum Innsbruck

          Galerie Winter, Vienna

          Neue Galerie, Linz

          Europalia Austria, Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, Ghent

          U-Mode, Messepalast, Vienna

1986 Gallery Krinzinger, Vienna

          "Chambres d' Amis", exhibition project Ghent

          Galerie Teucher, Graz

1985 Museo de Bellas Artes, Bilbao

          Galerie Museum, Bolzano

          Publication "Lust auf Worte", Löcker Verlag

          Internationale Zeichnungen, Kunstverein Frankfurt

          "Die handelnde Figur-Informelle Plastik", Galerie Curtze, Düsseldorf

          1984 Gallery Six Friedrich, Munich

          Gallery Heike Kurze, Düsseldorf

          Terra Motus, Naples

1983 Municipal Gallery Middelburg/Holland

          Styrian Autumn Graz; Biennial Sao Paulo

          Gallery next St.Stephan, Vienna

1982 Dokumenta Kassel

          Galerie de Ram, Breda

          "Neue Skulptur", Galerie next St.Stephan, Vienna

          "Triumph Sculptures", Galerie Ricke, Cologne

          Galerie Krinzinger, Innsbruck

1981 Gallery Krinzinger, Innsbruck

          Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara

          Gallery Stampa, Basel

          Gallery next St. Stephen, Vienna a1982 Documenta Kassel

          Gallery de Ram, Breda

          "Neue Skulptur", Gallery next St.Stephan, Vienna

          "Triumph Sculptures", Gallery Ricke, Cologne

          Gallery Krinzinger, Innsbruck

1980 Gallery Forme, Frankfurt

1979 Gallery Stampa, Basel

          Graphic Biennial, Vienna

          Gallery Pellegrino, Bologna

1978 Museum d. 20. Jhdts, Vienna

          Gallery Krinzinger, Innsbruck

          Magazine of Sale Cervia, Italy

1977 Dokumenta Kassel

          Gallery Grita Insam, Vienna

1973 New gallery at the Johanneum, Graz

1972 Biennial Venice

1971 Museum d. 20. Jhdts, Vienna

          Neue Galerie am Johanneum, Graz

1968 - 1970 Tokyo Biennial

1966 - 1967 Trigon 1966, Gaz

                      The Empty Gallery, Gallery next St.Stephan, Vienna

1952 - 1953 Solo exhibitions in Innsbruck and Zurich

Frauentorso und Zwiegespräch

Frauentorso und Zwiegespräch

  Original title of the artwork: Frauentorso und Zwiegespräch / Woman's...

Artist photo Oswald Oberhuber Italy, Merano