Woman figure by Iliana Dokova

Artwork Description

Nudity in art as well as the human form combined can be traced through out all the eras in art starting from pre-historic times and still being seen in today’s art, recently in photography as well. The nude figure in art has generally reflected, with few exceptions, social standards of aesthetics as well as morality of the certain time period in the painting, sculpture and more recently photography. Just as in human history the human nude figure has been one of the principle subjects in art history for artists.

The nude figure has been represented on pre-historic statues and paintings throughout all eras since. The male nude was more commonly used in the start, especially in ancient Greece. Today society and their morality, values and outlook on life has evolved and likewise so has the female nude in art, lately to be more highly represented and regarded in contemporary art.

Iliana’s expressive nude paintings are the core essence of her artistic life. Very emotional, sensual and tender, she loves to paint nude women figures.

She describes the process of painting as very unique for her. She starts a painting and does not stop until it is finished. She has some art ardour and passion for her paintings and sits for many hours until the final stroke of the painting touches the canvas.

She expresses her feminine side, her soul and always has some strong feelings when she starts a painting. Her paintings are very sensual and even sexual. Iliana embraces the night to create her figures, born from all of the sensual emotions a woman can imagine. She cannot make art on commission, but only out of her soul and body.

Artwork details

  • Artwork year 2019
  • Artwork dimensions 80 (H) x 60 (W) cm /
    31.5 (H) x 23.6 (W) inch
  • Artwork style Contemporary Art
  • Artwork technique Oil on canvas
  • Additional info

    Signed, Not framed

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