Ripped up... naked... lilac... by Iliana Dokova

Artwork Description

All paintings of Iliana elicit a strong emotional and spiritual impression. Whether negative or positive, this an indication that it is impacting the unconscious.

As a very evolved and mature contemporary artist, the paintings of Iliana are always a good investment, as well as very fine art objects. As she starts painting only when she is moved by a deep emotion, besides being very sensual, her art is expressing all variation of human emotions – love, sadness, anger, excitement, misery, hunger for life, lust, sexuality, joy, fear.

A work of art that features the nude body or erotic imagery, is an opportune vehicle towards observing one’s relationship to sexuality, instinctual energy, and the associated archetypal forces.

In contemporary art, we need to ask ourselves, however challenging it might be, why an artist might depict the nude in that particular way. In tandem, one may introspectively discover how one relates to the nude, and what qualities of emotions or thoughts that representation evokes.

Throughout history, the nude figure has been a staple of Western art. Ancient Greece was heavily focused on the subject, using it to express the ideals particularly of male beauty. With the Renaissance, the body was a revival of antiquity models, embracing humanism, religion and symbolism, but that changed dramatically in contemporary art, where the human body acts as a blank emotional canvas, able to convey both power and vulnerability in the same instance. There is, however, less of a focus on idealised forms and more on someone’s individuality. Stripped bare, there’s a lot to learn about a person when there isn’t anything for them to hide behind.

The woman of Iliana is lilac, stripped and bare, much like the blank emotional canvases that have been all nude paintings in art history.

Artwork details

  • Artwork year 2018
  • Artwork dimensions 100,00 (H) x 80,00 (W) cm /
    39,37 (H) x 31,50 (W) inch
  • Artwork style Contemporary Art
  • Artwork technique Oil on canvas
  • Additional info

    Original artwork,
    Signed, Ready to hang

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  • #280009

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