A Blue Dream by Krum Bumbarov

Artwork Description

As an art lover, you can see a fantastic painting by a very fine Bulgarian painter that is not very known by the general public, yet a very interesting author, having his unique surrealistic style. The painting shows the Three of Life, protecting the human beings, "hugging" them within its recesses and trying to hide them from the evil forces. The painting is named by the author "A Blue Dream" to present the fantastic blue three that is allegorically protecting people. It is crafted using the oil on canvas technique and is beautifully framed. This painting is part of the archive collection of ArtWizard and part of the artist representation on the ArtWizard Platform and it is not for sale. If you like this painting, we will be happy to offer you a variety of similar paintings by the same author. You can use our contact details or the "Ask us for this artwork" form on the right hand side of the picture.

Artwork details

  • Artwork year 2008
  • Artwork dimensions 70,00 (H) x 90,00 (W) cm /
    27,56 (H) x 35,43 (W) inch
  • Artwork style Surrealism
  • Artwork technique Oil on canvas
  • Additional info

    Signed, Framed

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  • #190001

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