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Evgeniya Panchova

Evgenia Panchova was born in 1963 in Pazardzhik, graduated from the High School of Art in Sofia (1982) and since 1983 she participated in various municipal, national, international exhibitions and plenaries. In 1991 she was admitted to the UBA.

She has more than 20 individual exhibitions and participations in many international exhibitions such as the Biennale in Palermo, Italy, the Biennale in Florence, Italy, the Biennale in Barcelona, ​​Spain and many others.

Her name and works are included in the catalog of the Best Contemporary and Modern Atists, edited by Salvatore and Francesco Russo. She has received many awards including the Award for Painting at the Exhibition of the Union of Bulgarian Artists in 2012 and the Botticelli Prize for original artistic achievements from Florence, Italy in 2015.

The artist has her own style and a variation of creative pursuits, both in the field of fine art and painting, as well as in some modern forms of art, such as installation and conceptual art. Her works are characterized by expressiveness and a personal approach to reality.

"Over the years, I have come to understand that beauty is everywhere and it shines in the dark", says to her admirers Evgenia Panchova. Ephemeral visions of sometimes frightening detail, elusive, undefined worlds, dissolved in a deceptively bright painting with deep suggestions, lure up and inward to the heart of the exhibitions. It is sometimes a picturesque studio with table, chairs and all weekly trifles, enchanted by the artist's touch, which has turned them into pieces of art or some other forms of installation.



Evgeniya Panchova is one of the most interesting Bulgarian artists, having her unique...

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Artist photo Evgeniya Panchova Bulgaria, Pazardzhik