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Desislava Mincheva

Born 29 april, 1956 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Dessislava Mincheva is professor in painting and fine art at the National Art Academy, Sofia.

Very academic, very fine figurative paintings are part of her portfolio. Woman figures in the softest variation of the blue colors are characteristic for Prof. Mincheva.

Education: National Art Academy, Sofia, graduating in painting in the class of Prof. Svetlin Roussev in 1981.

Works in collections: National Art Gallery, Gallery, galleries and private individuals as well as abroad - France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Finland, USA, including collection of Prof. Dr. P. Ludwig, Aachen, Germany.

Exhibitions: 1986 Gallery Shipka 6, Sofia 1986 Autumn exhibitions in the Old Town, Plovdiv; 1992 Gallery G. Meyer, Paris, France; 1992 Gallery north-, Paris, France; 1993 Gallery Titan, Frankfurt, Germany 1993 Gallery Rose, Hamburg, Germany; 1995 Gallery R. Alexiev, Sofia; 1995 Gallery Alexanderplatz, Skopje and the City Gallery of city Stip, Macedonia; 1996 Gallery dez'ar Cite, Paris, France; 1996 Gallery Synart, Sofia; 1998-Gallery Norman, Sofia; 1999 Gallery R. Alexiev, Sofia; 1999 Gallery Teddy, Varna; 2000 Gallery Lick, Smolyan; 2000 - Gallery Teddy, Varna (with Kalina Taseva and Julius Minchev); 2000 Club MP National Assembly, Sofia; 2000 Galeria Burgas, Burgas; 2001 Gallery Stenman, Bone, Finland and the City Gallery Kanus, Finland; 2002 Gallery Solers, Sofia; 2003 Gallery Rebirth, Plovdiv; 2004 Gallery Mahim, Sofia; 1991 -1992-Participation in the Autumn Salon in the Grand Palais, Paris, France; 2001 - 2002 Participation in Artexpo, NY, USA; 2002 Gold Medal for painting of the Agatsi, Italy.

The Blue Lady

The Blue Lady

A beautiful figurative painting of a woman in blue by Desislava Mincheva. The painting...

Price: 3 745 EUR
Artist photo Desislava Mincheva Bulgaria, Sofia