Antigone Komplex by Clemens Kaletsch

Artwork Description


Original title of the artwork: Antigone Komplex / Expectation

In the 1980s, Clemens Kaletsch belonged to the generation of successful painters who sought and found new ways for figurative painting. However, Kaletsch was never a member of a group, but pursued his very own path from the beginning. In view of the second large wave of paintings, his independent position developed over years is particularly clear. In large-format pictures, he formulates stories without falling into the concrete narrative.

Artwork details

  • Artwork year 2018
  • Artwork dimensions 110,00 (H) x 90,00 (W) cm /
    43,31 (H) x 35,43 (W) inch
  • Artwork style Contemporary Art
  • Artwork technique Oil on canvas

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  • 1380

  • #001105003

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