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ArtWizard Artists offer

ArtWizard Artists offer

30.03.2020 - 03.05.2020


Buy your subscription at 50% discount – for each month you buy, you get one free.


ArtWizard is a digital platform and a gallery for virtual exhibitions. We offer the opportunity to display, offer and buy-sell works by artists seeking greater access to collectors and galleries across borders, in the EU and the global world.

Our team consists of experts in art, curators, marketing, finance and technology specialists. We work with a wide range of artists who believe in new technologies, choose the modern approach and want to expand their presence by offering their works to a wider range of connoisseurs in an innovative way. 

We created a unique Virtual Art Space for exhibitions on the ArtWizard platform, where artworks can be seen in several (more than five) different environments, in proportions and scale, reflecting the direction and angle the fall of light, and the spectator can see all artworks with a maximum precision that ensures an experience closest to the real experience when a spectator contemplates a particular artwork. 

ArtWizard offers a first-class experience for connoisseurs of fine art. Collectors can purchase all artworks directly from the platform by sitting comfortably on the armchair in front of the fireplace or desk in their office, using virtual payment methods and receive their work with express delivery to their door, insured by a leading European company and delivered by a first-class courier company. We partner with the best art houses and platforms to promote our artists, galleries and works. 

The purpose of the platform is to open and make access to world and contemporary art independent of the physical location of the connoisseur / collector and artist or gallery, improving access to the general public, collectors and art galleries. ArtWizard makes the relationship of artists and galleries around the world easier through the innovative Virtual Art Space, where their works can be represented. 

Our subscription plans for the artists are Basic Subscription and Advanced Subscription.


Basic Subscription:

  • Conditions for Artists:
    • Exhibit at least 10 artworks on the platform;
    • Subscription on a monthly basis - EUR 15 per artwork;
    • Initial subscription for at least 3 months, we recommend 12 months for optimal results;
    • Sales commission - 35%.
  • Our Services:
    • Presentation of the artist;
    • Publication of the artworks on the platform with presentation and description of each work individually;
    • Managing the entire process (end to end) of purchasing a work, including:
      • Negotiation with clients;
      • Processing of payments;
      • Insurance;
      • Organization of door to door delivery to the end customer;
      • Administration in case of a possible return of the purchased by a client as per the EU electronic commerce legislation.


Advanced Subscription:

  • Conditions for Artists:
    • Exhibit at least 10 artworks; individually on the ArtWizard Platform;
    • Subscription on a monthly basis – EUR 20 per artwork;
    • Initial subscription for at least 3 months, we recommend 6 months for optimal results;
    • Sales commission - 35%.
  • The service we provide includes Basic Subscription, and in Advanced Subscription we also offer:
    • Organizing and presenting virtual exhibitions, individual or with other artists or works, both on the platform and on other platforms on the global network with which ArtWizard is in partnership;
    • PR in the global network of works and artists - specialized articles, press releases, various texts presenting each of the works of the platform separately as well as in various digital media and social networks or galleries we partner with;
    • Specialized social media advertising campaigns - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, specialized Google online ads specifically for the artist and his artworks.
    • Presentation and negotiations with galleries or clients for the purpose of realization.


How to make a subscription:

  1. Create your account on ArtWizard.
  2. Go to your profile file by clicking the email address you chose as a user name in your account in the right upper side of ArtWizard Home Page.
  3. Choose your subscription plan from Payments and Subscriptions menu.
  4. Pay your subscription via Credit/ Debit card. In case you wish to pay via bank transfer, please contact us for details.
  5. Once you have received your paid subscription confirmation as an Artist, please follow the next steps to exhibit your artworks in the ArtWizard Virtual Art Space. 


Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.