What are our services:

  • Digital art space offering - rent your virtual exhibition art space and show your artwork easily across borders. It is designed to open access to contemporary artists that can be seen by galleries and collectors all over the world on the ArtWizard platform. For more information see the Virtual Art Space Tutorial. For information about the pricing and conditions for use, please read our Terms and Conditions or contact us directly.
  • When using our digital art space offering you can:
    • Sell your artworks online via our unique digital art space gallery platform. In this case, we can help you with the logistics, legal formalities, transportation costs and curator services.
    • Buy the artworks you love from our trusted and secure ArtWizard platform and receive them fast in your home or office by the best delivery companies.
  • Representation as Gallery or Collector - Ask us to present you as Gallery or Collector on our digital platform and exhibit your works in our digital art space. For information about the pricing and conditions for use, please read our Terms and Conditions or contact us directly.
  • Buy art for your home or office using art and design consulting of the ArtWizard platform - ask us for the conditions.
  • Connect with the most famous and powerful galleries across borders to search for a specific artwork - we can help you find a specific work you need.
  • Get access to our live price index to see how specific art categories you possess or are willing to buy sell globally - ask us directly for such information.
  • Buy art as investment asset and use our art valuation services to estimate your art in terms of investment or use our investment consulting services in order to understand how art can be an alternative investment and how it can be used professionally - ask us for the conditions.
  • Use our legal advice services in case you have questions related to protection of artworks, authenticity, management and representation of artists locally and abroad within the EU or any other legal issues - ask us about our legal rates.

Services list:

  1. Digital art space for exhibitions. The service comprises rent of a virtual exhibition art space.  It can be used by artist, collectors and galleries who can exhibit and sell the works through the Platform.
  2. Representation of an Artist, Gallery or Collector. The service comprises a full scale of artist/gallery representation including the creation of editorial content, advertising, legal representation and logistics.
  3. Art and design consulting of the ArtWizard platform. The service comprises a personalized advice what artworks to buy for an office or home interior. The ArtWizard team helps finding the specific works that will be affordable and suitable for any interior.
  4. Live price index. The service is designed to show how different art categories that a collector possesses are willing to buy sell globally.  It can be used for management decisions related to art, investment decisions or for the creation of art collection portfolios.
  5. Art Investment Consulting. The service comprises the valuation of specific artworks as an investment asset and providing auction estimates.
  6. Legal advice. ArtWizard offers legal services related to protection of artworks, copyright issues, authenticity claims, review of contracts for management and representation of artists within the EU.