About us


What is ArtWizard?

ArtWizard is a Digital Art Platform for virtual exhibitions. We offer the opportunity to display, exhibit, buy and sell artworks by artists and galleries seeking greater access to art connoisseurs across borders, in the EU and the global world.

The purpose of the platform is to open and make access to world and contemporary art independent of the physical location of the connoisseur /collector and artist or gallery. ArtWizard improves the access to the general public and collectors of the artists and art galleries. ArtWizard makes the relationship of artists and galleries around the world easier through the innovative Virtual Art Space™, where their works can be represented.

Our team consists of experts in art, curators, marketing, finance and technology specialists. We work with a wide range of artists and galleries who believe in new technologies, choose the modern approach and want to expand their presence by offering their works to a wider range of connoisseurs in an innovative way.


Mission, vision and goals

Our Mission is to expand the popularity and accessibility of contemporary art to audiences that are geographically restricted by the need of physical presence to galleries and exhibitions, attract new audiences that are fond of new technologies and transform them into art lovers and this way to contribute to the expansion of the digital society as well as to the promotion of the European cultural heritage across borders.

Our Vision is that art shall be accessible from home to a greater audience and shall be promoted using new digital technologies and internet, thus contributing to the expansion of the world economy and to the future growth of the European Digital Single Market.

Our Goal is to open and improve access to the public to fine and contemporary art, regardless of the physical place of the customer/collector and artist or gallery, allowing new and larger audiences for them. In the digital era, the European Digital Single Market and the new technologies allow faster an easier connection among artists and galleries around the globe. ArtWizard’s main goal is thus to grow a larger audience of art collectors and lovers that like to access new markets, open the market and attract people who are not dedicated art lovers but are fond of innovative technologies, and for this aim to promote and represent carefully selected artists, artworks and galleries across borders.


The creators of ArtWizard

ArtWizard Platform has been created by the innovative thinking of people experienced in digital technologies and art, experienced C level executives, working in the ICT industry for more than twenty years. ArtWizard Platform is an innovative product that aims to facilitate the access to art and the experience of being able to exhibit it, observe it and possess it using the best modern digital technologies.


What offers ArtWizard?

The ArtWizard Platform offers to the Artists, Collectors and Galleries special services, comprising representation and digital promotion, marketing and advertising and handles the logistic and editorial process from A to Z, including all steps that are part of an art exhibition and sale – from uploading the images and writing the editorial content about the artworks and the authors, to setting prices, handling promotions, writing articles for the media, creating and running advertising campaigns for the artworks  /exhibitions, handling the payment of the artworks online, as well as facilitating the delivery of the artworks to the end customers.

ArtWizard offers a live updated content of its platform in three different languages – English, French and Russian, so that we can reach faster and better different audiences. All our content is presented by professionals in all three languages in real time.


What is the innovation of ArtWizard Platform?

The platform provides a virtual 3D art space where collectors, galleries and general public may view online exhibitions, talk to authors and purchase artworks using the digital communication and payment channel of the platform. The art connoisseurs can virtually walk into the art space and see multiple high-quality images of the selected artworks, curated as an exhibition.

We created a unique Virtual Art Space™ for exhibitions on the ArtWizard Platform, where artworks can be seen in several (more than five) different environments, in proportions and scale, reflecting the direction and angle of the fall of light, and the spectator can see all artworks with a maximum precision that ensures an experience closest to the real contemplation of an artwork.


Services offered by ArtWizard

ArtWizard offers a hassle-free digital art space that can be accessed by anyone willing to be part of the digital art society. We digitalise the exchange of information, the art presentation and purchase of artworks in a customer friendly way.

The ArtWizard Platform is designed to enable the expansion of the online art market that continues to grow strongly for the last few years, striving to create a digital society of artists, collectors and galleries, providing information and a digitalised art space for them. ArtWizard thus offers a digital space for art exhibitions. The high-quality images of the artworks can be seen in perspective and scaled to different space dimensions.

ArtWizard offers a first-class experience for connoisseurs of fine art. Customers can purchase all artworks directly from the platform by sitting comfortably on the armchair in front of the fireplace or desk in their office, using virtual payment methods and receive their work with express delivery to their door, insured by a leading European company and delivered by a first-class courier company. We partner with the best art houses and platforms to promote our artists, galleries and works.

As the collection of art is also an alternative investment method, ArtWizard provides a virtual access to a live price index in order to see how specific categories of art pieces are traded by the most famous auction houses, local and international and be aware of the approximate value of the investment, in case same or similar category of art is purchased by either a collector or a gallery.

The ArtWizard Platform publishes specialised articles, created by ArtWizard, offering a look to the new trends in the art market, as well as curious information and representation of old masters as well as new and emerging artists. Children and their art education play also a special role in our Platform. They will be able to get acquainted with the art world easily using our forthcoming live chat games and lessons.

The ArtWizard Platform provides a unique combination of innovative digital access to artworks, together with valuation, design and legal services related to the protection of artworks and authorship within the EU.

The Platform is one of a kind in terms of software (mathematical) solution that contains some innovative ways to present artworks.


Services list

  1. Virtual Art Space for exhibitions. The service comprises a rent of virtual exhibition art space.  It can be used by artists, collectors and galleries who can exhibit and sell the artworks through the Platform.
  2. Representation of an Artist, Gallery or Collector. The service comprises a full scale of artist/gallery representation including the creation of editorial content, advertising, legal representation and logistics.
  3. Art and design consulting of the ArtWizard platform. The service comprises a personalized advice what artworks to buy for an office or home interior. The ArtWizard team helps finding the specific artworks that will be affordable and suitable for any interior.
  4. Live price index.* The service is designed to show how different art categories that a collector possesses are willing to buy sell globally.  It can be used for management decisions related to art, investment decisions or for the creation of art collection portfolios.
  5. Art Investment Consulting. The service comprises the valuation of specific artworks as an investment asset and providing auction estimates.
  6. Legal advice. ArtWizard offers legal services related to protection of artworks, copyright issues, authenticity claims, review of contracts for management and representation of artists within the EU.

What are our services

* forthcoming