Trophy Skin by Ian Burns

Artwork Description


Original title of the artwork: Trophy Skin

Ian Burns’ works reimagine the consumer technologies that now define many human activities. In Circle (2016), two inflated latex gloves levitate around a ring of fans programmed to turn on and off in sequence. For Burns, who lives in New York City, the gloves represent a ‘carnivalesque’ stand-in for human beings; and are used in response to both the Australian news about the treatment of asylum seekers, and police violence against African Americans in the USA.

Artwork details

  • Artwork year 2014
  • Artwork dimensions 60,00 (H) x 35,00 (W) cm /
    23,62 (H) x 13,78 (W) inch
  • Artwork style Contemporary Art
  • Artwork technique Mixed media
  • Additional info

    Paint and wood glue

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  • 165

  • #001130005

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