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Met Publications

Met Publications

ArtWizard, 28.05.2019

Find out about the amazing art books published for many years already by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

From its founding in 1870, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has published exhibition catalogues, collection catalogues, and guides to the collection. Today it is one of the leading museum publishers in the world, and its award-winning books consistently set the standard for scholarship, production values, and elegant design. Each year, The Met produces about thirty exhibition and collection catalogues and general-audience books, as well as informative periodicals such as the quarterly Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin and the annual Metropolitan Museum Journal.

MetPublications is a portal to The Met's comprehensive publishing program that includes books, online publications, and Bulletins and Journals from the last five decades. Opened in 2012, the initiative, reportedly funded by a donation from Hunt and Betsy Lawrence, is integrated with Google Books, allowing users to discover titles through the search engine as well as through the Met's own catalogue.

The Met publishes books since 1964, but now any art lover can access them in *.pdf electronically here.

We are happy to share with our art community such a priceless resource of over 1'500 art books and publications, some of them dating back to 1964 and part of them available in print versions on demand.