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Anton Mitov


Anton Mitov is one of the finest Bulgarian old masters, painters, art-makers, art promoters from the beginning of the 20th century. His work is oriented towards some realistic images of the nature, a precise representation of every detail. Anton Mitov is the artist of the awakening life in the post-liberated Bulgaria. His paintings express his excitement from the bright lively markets, the bright clothes. He also leaves works devoted to the Balkan War. His style is fine and filled with figures, still life objects, landscapes, portraits.

His presence in the cultural and art life in Bulgaria at his time has a strong impact since the late 19th and early 20th century, not only as an artist but also as a mentor that is engaged to promote the art of his time.

Anton Mitov was born on April 1, 1862, Stara Zagora. He died on August 20, 1930 in Sofia. He is a brother of the artist Georgi Mitov. He graduated (1885) the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence under Professor Giuseppe Charmy. Anton Mitov teached art and art history in high schools in Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Varna and Sofia. Professor of Art History, Perspective and Methodology of Painting (1896-1927) Anton Mitov was among the initiators of the establishment of the School of Art / Art Academy in Sofia and his director (1912-1918 and 1924-1927).

He published the artistic criticism and controversial articles titled "Letters on Bulgaria". He writes for various magazines and newspapers, such as "Evening Mail", "World", "Mir", "Art" and under various pseudonyms (Tomasina, Tonino, Arnold) and his articles have always been critical and sharp.

Anton Mitov was a passionate art promoter. He travelled the country and delivered over 750 art lectures, he is the author of the first work on the history of arts in Bulgarian – “A Guide to General History of Art”.

Together with Ivan Markvichka, he is the founder of the “Art Foundation” in Bulgaria and editor of the “Art Magazine” (1895-1899).

In 1911-1912 he worked on the mosaics of the Alexander Nevsky Temple and created religious works in secular style. One of his icons is "The Crying of Christ" in the crypt of "Alexander Nevsky". He is the author of the first theatrical costumes in Bulgaria and the organizer of the first art exhibitions.

Anton Mitov participated in exhibitions major European cities - Paris, Chicago, St. Louis, Venice. His works are property of the National Art Gallery of Bulgaria, the Sofia Art Gallery, the Plovdiv Art Gallery, but unfortunately some of his most emblematic paintings have remained outside Bulgaria.

Major works: "The grape market in Evksinograd near Varna" (1894, National Art Gallery), "The Varna Sea" (1895), "Portrait of the Artist's Woman" (1898), "A Seller of Gold on the Sofia Market" (1907, National Art Gallery), “Sofia Market” (1907), "Market of Vegetables and Potatoes in Sofia" (1907), "Portrait of the Artist Ivan Murvichka" (1908, National Art Gallery), " Self-portrait "(1921, National Art Gallery) and others. Awarded with "Gold Medal for Science and Art.


A Peasant Boy

A Peasant Boy

The Peasant Boy (Selyanche Gurbetchiq) is an old watercolour painting by Anton Mitov....

Artist photo Anton Mitov Bulgaria, Stara Zagora