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My body is inhabiting a wanderer...

My body is inhabiting a wanderer...

ArtWizard, 15.03.2019


My body is inhabiting a wanderer...or the female bodies in oil on canvas and black and white photography of Iliana Dokova and Ivan Dokov.

On the 15th of March 2019, Artwizard was present at the opening of the joint exhibition of Iliana Dokova and her son Ivan Dokov at the Jessika Ltd. corporate building.

The painter Iliana Dokova presented her oil on canvas paintings, depicting female bodies in the style of classical realism, stylish woman figures and faces, inspired from her soul, reminiscing of contemplation, love, tears, separation, sorrow, loneliness but also desire and joy of living.

Iliana Dokova is a painter that embraces art as a way to escape from everyday life and reveal her soul. In all of her paintings we see her in her many moods and shapes. Once she is a wanderer, another time - a lost soul, or a woman separated from her beloved, or just a female ghost, wounded, spanked, guilty, forgiven, loved, good. In Iliana's paintings, you can discover a whole palette of feminine feelings and emotions. This is why her paintings are so close to woman, but also allow men to peer into the female soul.

One of the titles of her paintings says – “In this shapeless, infinite nothing, only the gray silence is screaming”, depicting the back of a delicate naked female body, so gentle as to show Iliana as a very intuitive and feminine artist.

The photographs at the exhibition are made by the son of Iliana, Ivan Dokov, a very talented young photographer, using the old method of black and white analogue art photography. His image of Boulevard "Graph Ignaitiev" bears the spirit of the old town of Sofia.

All photographs of Ivan were designed in black and white colors, very close to conceptual art with some various shapes of clouds in the sky and the depiction of London carnival. The unique blue image is depicting a small cabin, placed in an isolated and silent land with only snow reminiscing of any nature.

The duo exhibition is worth seeing, with very sensual paintings of woman figures and conceptual art, black and white photography.