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ArtWizard was on Dimitria Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece

ArtWizard was on Dimitria Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece

ArtWizard, 18.10.2018


ArtWizard was one of the 28th closely selected particpants on the Dimitria Festival this fall. The event took place in Thessaloniki's most interesting and ancient buildings - Yeni Tzami, the old mosque and archeological museum of Thessaloniki, hosting the most prestigious cultural events in the region. The event was designed to show and promote the cultural diversity on the European Union, representing the 28th Member States, each of them with an artist, under the name MY CITY: EUROPE.

ArtWizard, as a gallery, represented Bulgaria with one of the modern Bulgarian painters Nikolay Yanakiev, and his work "Expectation" -  a bright, expressive and bold, yet erotic representation of woman desires. The painting was inclused in the collector's catalogue of the event and in the portfolio of the most prestigous collector's lists on the area.

Read more about the idea behind the event and why is it so special:


The European Union of the 28 in Thessaloniki, the cosmopolitan city through the ages, ever the pathway to Europe. The Thessaloniki of cultures, religions, refugees, ghosts. The 28, of art this time, join in an exhibition at the emblematic Yeni Çami (New Mosque), in an atmosphere symbolising exactly one of timelessness and history.
Through the multiform and multicoloured artworks, we distinguish the artist’s statement, their confrontation with art, but unconsciously, imperceptibly, we trace also the personal idiolect of their origins.Europe today is a continent, seemingly united. Each nation retains its individual features, but has also striven to join in with the others at different levels and through various policies of harmonisation.

Though there is general agreement that the Union has been a success, it is going through a rocky patch today. Its internal structures are being tested, due to historical circumstance, the economic crisis, and various external factors, but also it has itself allowed this to happen.

It is however reaching out for a new face, more flexible and for that reason more solid, based on its values, its precious principles and its historical memories which connect its peoples.
Art follows the paths of the Union. Today its styles, forms, quests spread out in all directions across the continent, become global.

European art does not mean the same as it did some decades ago, when communication among nations and frontiers still featured fixed barbed-wire and walls. Such special exhibition justifies the "coexistence", the recognition and acceptance of cultural dversity through an incongruous and at the same time identical ‘European Society’.